Problem: I connected a Peecker Sound passive speaker and it doesn't work.

A) Check to make sure that the connection cable is correctly inserted in the speaker and that the SpeakOn connector is correctly plugged into the socket; then check that the cable is connected to the amplifier, that the amplifier is operating properly, and that the signal is arriving from the source (mixer);

B) If the speaker still doesn't work, disconnect the cable from the amplifier and use a 9-12V battery to supply voltage: if it doesn't react, remove the grille from the speaker, disassemble the woofer and check that the passive crossover is connected;

C) If the problem persists, test the components using the same battery. If they do not work, you need to request spare parts by contacting the service centre:
Peecker Sound - Customer Care Service
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Tel:  +39 0522 557735
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